Characteristic and features 

Synthetic hybrid opal is the evolutionary new material which has been developed based on the results obtained in space experiments performed on the International Space Station (ISS) by research groups including the Academic-Industrial Collaboration. Synthetic hybrid opal offers the benefits of discovering new possibilities such as the large size and easy workability which could not be achieved by natural opal.

It compares favorably to natural opal, beautiful play of color effect will be expressed in a stable manner. In addition, color variation is also abundant such as the red or blue fire in the rich background colors (ex. red, white, blue, and black) so that is very expressive more than natural opal.

Synthetic hybrid opal has a wide variety of material features which could not be achieved by natural opal.

Easy processing of metal or carbide tools
(for both mechanical processing and hand processing)

Avoid or suppress the blackening by the laser processing.

Application to a variety of products according to the large size of raw stone.

By processing into a sheet, it shows the flexibility.

* Because of the high insulating properties, "wire electrical discharge machining" is not available.
* Because it contains silica particles, processing tool will be normally consumed.