Practical Examples

In natural opal, it can be used as various types of product material which could not be realized due to the size of raw ore and constraints on processing.
As a standard jewelry and jewelry as well as design and display materials, as an exterior accent material, high-class oriented interior..
HYBRID OPAL, which realized overwhelming stability and easy processability, offers new values. 

*Application to eyeglass frame

It is possible to apply various parts such as front, temple and decorative parts of glasses made of plastics, tortoiseshell, wood etc. with HYBRID OPAL.
Bending work may be necessary for the eyeglass frame, so it is recommended to use the special HYBRID OPAL series with special workability, which is different from normal line up.
※ For special specifications, please consult us separately.

Image sample is Mizushima Eyeglass Co., Ltd. development and manufacturing products.

External link: MIZ JAPAN Product list

*Application to jewelry

HYBRID OPAL This is an example of a jewelry product which is processed into a puzzle type by hand processing on a raw stone, finished on a mirror surface and incorporated in ZIPPO.
It is possible to reduce the processing cost and shorten the production time by products that have higher artistic value, such as large-sizing that was difficult with natural opals and relaxation of processing difficulty.

The image sample is a prototype for processing examples.

*Application to mass production

HYBRID OPAL It is a sample example that machined raw ore into a columnar shape with a processing machine and finished on a mirror finish by buffing to a seal stamp shape.
Since mass production techniques used in metal, resin, stone processing etc. can be applied, it can be used as high-ranking substitute material of existing materials in mass production products.

Image sample is Marius Corporation development and manufacturing products.
Supplied and sold as stamp materials.