Introduction of purchase method at our shop

Flow of purchase:
・ Purchase at our shop can only use payment with Paypal.
  *Please pay within 7 days after sending paypal's payment email.
    After payment is confirmed, we will ship the item.
· Purchase application is on each product page, please push  button.
· Mailer will start.
· Please fill out the necessary matter below and send it to us.
    * Item name to be purchased
        ** In the case of a ring, please specify the desired size · ring width.
    * Your name
    * E-mail address (destination of Paypal billing mail)
    * Shipping address
    ・  In the case of Other Requests
After receiving your order, we will give you a confirmation email.
  We will inform you about the delivery date by confirmation email.
  Depending on inventory situation, we will ship within 3 weeks from 1 week after ordering.

· We will send you Paypal payment e-mail.(from Yutaka Matsuda of our staff)
· Please pay with your card etc.

(Please note) 
· Shipping fee will be charged separately.
  We will use EMS for shipping.
  Since the shipping cost varies depending on the shipping address, we will contact
  you with the confirmation email the amount of shipping fee combined. 
  (Approximately 2500 yen is around.)
  When multiple items are purchased, we will ship them together.

· About tariff
  In abroad shipping, there are cases where customs duties occur in some countries.
  For customs duty, please pay at customer side.