Before purchasing

*The pattern(playing fire) of hybrid opal differs for each product.It will not be
  subject to return reasons. Please understand when purchasing.
*Sizing can not be done after purchase. (On ring purchase)

Usage notes

This material has a hardness of 4H at pencil height.
(The car painted surface is said to have a pencil hardness of 2H to 4H)
Because it contains 80% of resin, cracking and chipping may occur by giving
strong force. Please handle it like normal plastic.
During use, when the territory disappears and it gets cloudy overall, it glows back
by polishing with a compound for plastics.
Please keep in mind that it may be deformed or damaged due to
extreme temperature change such as leaving in the car during the summer, cold
district,sauna, freezer etc.
If you feel rash or itching in case you use it, please stop using it immediately as
there is fear of allergic reaction.
We are not responsible for any damage other than initial failure, injuries such
as accidents that are not intentioned. Please use with full attention under your
own risk.